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Result Global's assessment of employee needs...raised management awareness and improved communication."


Result Global improved our on-time delivery by 28%, lowered costs and enhanced quality."

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reinvention-graphicPHASE 1: Diagnostic Assessment to Generate Practical and Actionable Strategic Growth Plan
"You need to precisely define where you are….to develop an accurate roadmap of where you want to go." Christopher Anbari, President/CEO

The first step in designing an actionable business re-invention strategy is an in-depth and objective assessment of your organization.  Using insights gained from working with over 600 clients, Result Global developed 14 Ideal Key Business Conditions embedded in the copyrighted diagnostic assessment process called SAVE™ - Strategic Assessment of Vital Elements.  During your SAVE™ engagement your business will be compared to these 14 Ideal Business Conditions.

A typical SAVE engagement lasts between two to four weeks.  During this time Result Global guides your organization through the measurable, affordable, structured, and innovative process.

Upon completion, you receive a customized, long-range actionable business re-invention strategy.  The key difference between a SAVE report and conventional business plans is the comprehensive, multi-tiered and prioritized list of cross operational tactics assigned to different operational managers, NOT just leadership.

The tactics are holistic and integrated because Result Global knows after 28 years and 600 clients that fragmented efforts DO NOT produce results.  Since, Result Global is obsessed with your results, let us be your trusted partner and change agent, guiding you through and assuring that the cross operational tactics are executed throughout your business, creating exponential net earnings growth, expanded client base and  improved employee through-put.

PHASE 2 - Precise Implementation With Assured Result
We have a single mission:  to facilitate your re-invention plan, working with you as an objective and trusted change agent." Christopher Anbari

The second step to business reinvention is to implement your SAVE™ Strategy.  A trained business reinvention professional will work with you and your leadership team for the next 6-36 months acting as a coach and trusted partner to implement your re-invention strategy.  The process is educational and interactive. We will meet with you weekly and review the strategies and tactics leading your organization's sustained growth.  As a "change agent", we facilitate improvements in operations, procedures, processes, culture and behavior.

PHASE 3 - Final Deployment Review
"By narrowing our focus to your specific needs during the last 90 days we ensure your business performance goals are being met." Christopher Anbari

Phase 3  is the last 90-120 days of your Phase 2 engagement.  We review your overall progress and further narrow our focus to address specific management programs and projects needing special attention.  Upon completion, we create our final report, along with samples and complete documentation of all your programs.

Phase 4 - Realignment and Progress Continuity
"We want to ensure you business re-invention practices become part of your culture…" Christopher Anbari

Result Global wants to ensure the continued success of your business re-invention strategy. We do not want you to lose momentum and go back to the "way things were." Typically, we work with our clients monthly, ensuring the success indicators are aligned with your strategic direction.

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