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Result Global improved our on-time delivery by 28%, lowered costs and enhanced quality."

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distributionCASE STUDY: Distribution Company

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A well-established regional trucking company and horticulture distributor.

Client experienced high cost of services, disengaged employees (owner-operators), and inconsistent service quality.

Define business vision and goals of owners, engage tier one and profit center managers in focus group, assess employees’ opinions at four different cost centers on 100 key subjects, profile key managers’ skills and perceptions via confidential 360° peer review, assess causes of existing situation, create new employee incentive programs tied to business net gains, review business milestones and management scorecards, assist in negotiating with lenders and vendors.


  • Validated the causes of excessive expenses in client’s hubs and transportation.
  • Prioritized urgent recovery actions.
  • Facilitated a strategic growth plan with collaboration of key management.
  • Assembled a deployment action plan with full engagement of all employees.

Benefits Received Within One Year of Completion of Services:

  • Client’s customers’ satisfaction increased to 98%
  • Costs of services improved by 10%, netting client $750,000 additional earnings
  • Expanded customer base by 20% above previous year
  • Reduced employee turnover to below 2%, saving $150,000 in staffing costs