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Business Welness Assessment & Growth Strategy

The first step in designing an actionable business re-invention strategy is an in-depth and objective assessment of your organization.  Using insights gained from working with over 600 clients, Result Global developed 14 Ideal Key Business Conditions embedded in the copyrighted diagnostic assessment process called SAVE™ - Strategic Assessment of Vital Elements. During your SAVE™ engagement your business will be compared to these 14 Ideal Business Conditions.

A typical SAVE engagement lasts between two to four weeks.  During this time Result Global guides your through the measurable, affordable, structured and innovative process

Upon completion you receive customized and long- range actionable business re-invention strategy.  The key difference between a SAVE report and conventional business plans is the comprehensive, multi-tiered and prioritized list of cross operational tactics assigned to different operational managers, NOT just leadership.

The tactics are holistic and integrated because Result Global knows after 23 years and 580 clients that fragmented efforts DON'T produce results.  Since, Result Global is obsessed with your results, let us be your trusted partner and change agent, guiding you through and assuring the cross operational tactics are executed throughout your business, creating exponential growth in net earnings, customer retention and employee through-put.

The SAVE process is comprehensive, tailored and affordable, contact us to learn more starting your business reinvention process with Result Global.

SAVE Implementation - Four Independent Analyses

Analysis One

A targeted questionnaire, consistent with your business type (manufacturing, non-profit, service, start-up, retail) is given to your key management team and emerging leaders.

Typically 4-12 people receive the questionnaire and they are asked to answer the questions as if they owned the company.  Questions cover the 14 key business conditions such as marketing, sales, finance management, technology, competitive advantage, communication, human resource and performance management.

Analysis Two

Result Global facilitates an intensive full-day roundtable discussion with questionnaire recipients.  This open and engaging discussion gives Result Global further insight into gaps between various management perspectives, profiles, attitudes and skills.

Analysis Three

Result Global collects samples of your 14 key operational and business management documents and actual practices to validate the objectivity of the inputs from Analysis One.  Collected information is analyzed and Result Global creates a gap analysis between the inputs from Analysis One and actual management practices.

Analysis Four

Result Global visits the client on-site.  During this time we interview employees in a variety of positions such as line managers, supervisors and administrative groups


Result Global analyzes the independent inputs, creating a comprehensive actionable business reinvention strategy with business wide recommendations and a prioritized timetable assigned to each of the participants.

The Result Global SAVE™ will give you:

Time to focus on increasing sales, ROI, customer-base and employee through-put by realigning resources to capitalize on untapped business opportunities, not just “flavor of the month” initiatives.

Validation – of your business strengths, weaknesses, challenges, capitalization of untapped business opportunities.

Peace of Mind – knowing you have a solid foundation to reinvent your business and prevail despite the ever increasing domestic and global competition.

Your SAVE™ business reinvention strategy provides seven comprehensive analyses:

  • Overview – an overall preview of the SAVE report
  • Summary Graphs – your performance against 14 Ideal Practices
  • Leadership Profile – ratings on 10 leadership skills by you and your team
  • Executive Summary – profile of your organizations strengths and weaknesses
  • Re-Alignment Recommendations – prioritized for quick action
  • Re-Alignment Action Steps – practical and actionable cross operational tactics
  • Re-Alignment GANTT Chart – deployment time table for tracking improvement progress

Click here to see a SAVE sample report

The SAVE process is comprehensive, tailored and affordable.  Contact us to learn more starting your business reinvention process with Result Global.