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"Result Global has assisted in the effective reinvention of our business...resulting in a 30% growth in one year."

Result Global's assessment of employee needs...raised management awareness and improved communication."


Result Global improved our on-time delivery by 28%, lowered costs and enhanced quality."

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people puzzle pieces_webPrecise Implementation to Generate Predictable Results

At Result Global business reinvention is OUR business. During the business reinvention phase our single mission is to implement your SAVE™ Strategy. A certified Result Global consultant will work with you and your leadership team for the next 6-36 months acting as a coach and trusted partner to implement your reinvention strategy.  The process is interactive, we won't go away and make a plan and present it to you, we will meet with you weekly and review the strategies and tactics leading you to sustained growth.  We facilitate change in operations, procedures, processes, culture and behavior.

Only Result Global offers VALUE ADDED Business Reinvention Services. Your investment with Result Global is 100% financed from the new improvements in your business performance.

Why behavior improvement and leadership development?

Result Global will work with your key people on behavior improvement and leadership development to embrace ownership of the business reinvention strategy to sustain your long term objectives Other consultants may "tell" you what to do, resulting in resistance to programs and change, we work WITH you to ensure the long term success of your strategy. Other consultants often do not take the time to integrate behavior and culture change, we want to help you create a "new normal" that leaders and associates are committed to implement, because they were engaged in the process from the beginning.

Culture and behavior studies have shown it takes 3-5 years for a business culture to change, we have proven  that working with Result Global, culture change can happen over 18-36 months. By changing the culture, your ability to sustain growth is greatly increased.

During the business reinvention phase you have  unlimited access to Result Global propriety business reinvention programs.  These unique and innovative programs will help your organization to overcome challenges in a variety of areas:

  • Marketing and Branding Strategy
  • Staffing and Retention
  • Customer Service
  • People Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Succession Planning
  • Leadership Transition
  • Sales Professional Development
  • Employee Sense of Urgency
  • Emotional Intelligence

These programs work together for your business reinvention, they don't create more fragmented efforts that you cannot afford.  The programs are tailored to meet your specific needs, in fact many times a Result Global consultant will draw upon the knowledge base of a variety of programs creating one that specifically fits your needs.  Many other consultants cannot tailor programs because they did not invent them, they simply administer programs.  Result Global is different ,